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Game Object Boundaries or GOB for short, Will allow you to get the bounds of a Gameobject with a simple function, taking in consideration the renderers, colliders and the hierarchy of the Gameobject, GOB also allows you to position the Gameobject below or above a certain point taking the bounds in consideration or scale the Gameobject to fit certain bounds, GOB can also get screen bounds from world bounds.

GOB supports some other calculations on a certain 2D plane, like the 2D diameter of the Gameobject or scaling it so that it fills a certain area of the screen.

GOB takes in consideration the necessary time to calculate the bounds of complicated Gameobjects, so it stores the results internally so that you update these only if changes has been done, speaking of changes GOB can monitor changes of the Gameobject and recalculate the bounds automatically but the monitoring process comes at a cost (CPU) which must be took in consideration.

GOB is available for download on Github.

Wisp GUI

WispGUI or The Wisp Graphical User Interface, offers a pack of graphical user interface components for the Unity game engine, the pack contains actually the following components : 

WispGrid : Mainly used as a table with resizable and draggable rows and columns, that can also be used as a Grid for various visual components. 

WispCalandar : A Calandar component for Date selection. 

WispEditBox : An editbox also know as Input Field, can be attached to a calandar for Date selection or a Dropdown list for item selection. 

WispGuiStyle : A style sheet that can be used by various GUI components to achieve a unified style throughout the entire application.

Soon available on Unity Asset Store